Great Magician – For Corporate Event

Planning on hiring a magician?

Are you planning a corporate event? We are at my work and we are all brainstorming together, but it´s not easy at all. The problem is that we have almost done it all, so we had a really hard time to come up with something that we had not done before.

But after a while one in the group came up with something that was really brillian, at least I thought so. He had the idea that we should have magician themed party and conference.

We should all dress up as our favorite magician from the movies, like Harry Potter, Hermione, Lord Voldemort, Albus Dumbledore, Gandalf, Saruman or whatever our favorite were.

Then after the dinner he thought that we whould hire a really awesome magician & entertainer that would do an amazing show for everyone

Everybody agreed that this was a great idea and that this was the way to go and move forward in the planning. So the next step was, where should we have this party. In London? Well preferably that would be perfect. But then we would have to hire a great magician London for our party.

So we choose to google hire magician

Hire magician you say? Yeah, why not! I think it´s a great idéa.

So we had to start googling and check out which one was the best and what references they had. We found a guy that turned out to be awesome, he had performed for some of the worlds largest corporations and seemed like a great fit, after all you want someone experienced.

The evening started as expected with dimmed light, great food and laughs, we really enjoyed ourselves. People were having a great time. Then the magician entered the stage to thunderous applause. We did not know what to expect bu the started his show to up tempo music and had fire, mind reading and he also made one of the girls in the firm levitate on stage. Truly awesome and jaw dropping. He even made a large macaw appear on stage the flew over our heads, no one expected that at all.

When he was done everyone stood up and cheered and applauded him, a true standing ovation. We all agreed that this was one of the best events and parties we had held at the firm. Everyone was pleased. I think we will this guy on more times.


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Great Magician – For Corporate Event